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I’m actually 16 weeks pregnant now, but I wrote an update at 12 weeks and stupidly forgot to post it! So here is my 12 week update… with my 16 week bump... 

Like last time, I knew I was pregnant. I hadn’t taken a test but I just knew… I told Ricky and yet again, he wouldn’t believe me! I took tests but they came back negative (because I must have still been too early) and then on our second day in Qatar, I went out specifically to buy a test because I KNEW it would be positive and it was…. BEST. FEELING. EVER! I’ve spoken to a lot of people who feel this way too and when I’m asked how I know, the only description I can give is that my body just feels completely out of sync and it’s like an out of body experience. Sounds strange but thats the only way I can word it! 

So far I have been feeling a million times better than I did with Jack. If you’ve read my post on HG you’ll know that I had a really difficult pregnancy first time around, but this time has been completely different. I had some sickness at around 4 weeks but it tailed off at around 6 weeks and I’ve barely suffered again since, apart from a few dizzy nauseous spells. This time I have really focussed on eating little and often to try and keep any sickness at bay and unlike last time, I’ve made a conscious effort to try and eat fresh, healthy foods (and not just chips!!!). 

I have been suffering with horrible pregnancy migraines which are really common and there is not too much that can be done for them. I have visited the doctor and been prescribed codeine but I try not to take it unless the pain is unbearable. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day seems to help and avoiding oversleeping, which can be hard at times because I’ve been feeling exhausted. 

I’ve been craving apples, chocolate and salads and just can’t get enough of them which is completely different to last time when I was craving olives, sausage rolls and chips! My salad obsession is reaching a new level of ridiculous and I have Ricky hunting me down salads left, right and centre… I can’t get enough!   

Another difference with this pregnancy is that time is FLYING by… Last time it felt like an eternity by the time that I reached 12 weeks, however running around after a 10 month old has been keeping me busy and I think this has made the days fly in! I can’t believe I’m nearly in my second trimester already! :)

In terms of carrying, I definitely look different to last time but I’m not showing too much yet. I am carrying a lot higher and I feel like maybe my thighs are pregnant because that seems to be where the weight has gone on, haha! Like last time I have gained 3kg already. I only gained around 7kg in total last time and the majority of that was in my first and third trimester. I hope to gain a little more with this pregnancy as last time I was suffering with sickness all the way through and it was a real struggle to gain weight. Last time I looked more pregnant at 6-8 weeks than I do now and I reckon it was due to bloating and water retention which I experienced last time as well.



So far I haven’t felt any kicks but I’ve been told you feel them a LOT earlier the second time around and I can’t wait for that. In terms of other signs of pregnancy, I’ve been visiting the toilet non stop and I really don’t remember that happening this early last time. I’ve also been hiccuping and having some breathlessness. My sleep has already been affected and I’m experiencing the dreaded pregnancy insomnia… I really hope this stops soon because it’s torture! I’ve also been horrifically moody this time! Last time I was really cuddly and just felt a little emotional, but this time I have been (in the words of my husband) “a horrific beast”… I know I shouldn't laugh but he is right haha! I’ve been a hormonal, moody mess!  

Really what I am hoping to capture in this update is just how different this pregnancy has been… I’m not sure if it’s because I knew what to expect, or because I’ve felt a little more relaxed but it’s been chalk and cheese with last time. This could also be because this time around we’re having a girl but I really don’t know! Feel free to share your experiences of your different pregnancies in the comments below… I’d love to hear how others have differed between pregnancies! :)

Much Love, 

Karena xxx